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uGAF Water Treatment Technology

  • Significantly reduce costs of membrane-based water treatment applications

  • Unmatched capability to remove phosphorus and metals using proprietary nano material and process

Our Solutions

Our water treatment technology uses new, proprietary nano material (uGAF) in combination with a patented application process. In this process, the feed water passes through an extremely thin layer of uGAF that has been deposited on treatment medium. Treatment continues until the uGAF capacity to collect the contaminants is reached, at which time the particles are flushed out and new ones are injected to form a fresh layer.

Our Servuces
Membrane Pre-treatment

The biggest challenge for the use of membranes in water treatment is membrane fouling, which limits water flux...

Wastewater Treatment

Excessive discharges of phosphorus in treated wastewater and urban and agricultural runoff can choke lakes...

Water Clean Up

Our technology can be used to combat water eutrophication by effectively removing phosphorus and other pollutant ...

Industrial Water Reuse

We help businesses to reducing fresh water costs and wastewater flows, thus improving plant's water footprint ...

Automated Operation

uGAF system utilizes industry leading automation technology to enable remote monitoring and control ...

Support Consulting

Our company provides robust and comprehensive consulting and support services to customers ...


Ready to find out more?

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